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“I wanted to share with you how happy I am to be working with you! I can’t even begin to explain the validation I felt yesterday as you described me and my challenges so clearly. For maybe the first time in my life, I honestly feel like my life is about to change in amazing ways. It feels like my life is finally beginning to come together with more clarity and purpose. It’s amazing! Looking forward to listening to our session again. There was so much good stuff there that I’m sure I’m going to hear things I didn’t even hear yesterday!”

— Katherine Merritt, Certified Holistic Health Coach

We start by analyzing and evaluating your hand and fingerprints, so I need a copy of those from you. Whether you create your own or I send you a printing kit with easy-to-follow instructions (fully refundable $50 deposit required) or you visit me in my office and I personally take your handprints and identify your fingerprints, getting those prints is our concrete starting point.

You then get to experience (either via telephone or in my office) a one hour Initial Life Purpose Discovery Session that is digitally audio-recorded for your convenient and continuous review.

Should you decide to work with me further (most clients do…), you’ll have your choice of my special price-saving 3-session JumpStart Package or a number of economically priced Coaching Packages.

When you choose to work with Roberta A Coker as your coach, we begin by defining precisely what results you are willing to commit to achieving. We will then assess, with absolute candor, where you are right now — so that we can see exactly how to get you to where you want to be. Your Initial Life Purpose Discovery Session will identify the things that keep you from achieving the results you desire and help to create a game plan that will not only work, but will be seriously fun! This action plan is what I call your “New Dimension Pathway.” It is not fantasy; it is grounded and steeped in practical know-how. In working with me, you are following in the footsteps of those who have already achieved the real results you require, at the deepest and highest levels.

I will closely match your individual needs and assist you on myriad levels to take BOLD actions that actually cause you to achieve your desired results. You will be empowered with the extraordinary leverage of accountability, as from a good friend — someone who understands your ultimate aspirations. Together we will measure, monitor, manage, and support you to ensure that you keep your word to yourself, and take the consistent action that can only lead to the outcomes you yearn for.

You are entering into a partnership that is proven, but you must step up as well. You must commit with a passion and a focus that your life deserves. You will be exposed to extraordinary resources that will dramatically improve the quality of your personal and/or professional life. Prepare to be living the life you are meant to!

Roberta A Coker promises you an encounter that will not only broaden your horizons and be extraordinarily rewarding, but one that will be more exciting than you thought possible. I don’t pretend that our partnership will be effortless, but whatever level you are willing to put in, you will reap ten-fold.

You will learn the secrets of creating and sustaining substantial results and how to put into practice the high standards and firm beliefs you need to walk the path of success. In order to do that, you need a mentor who will be with you every step of the way. Someone who can encourage you and cause you to find the inner drive that keeps you speeding toward your goals no matter what.

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