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Hand and Fingerprint Analysis is the main assessment tool
I use and I have almost 20 years of professional experience with
approximately 10,000 clients administered to.


I am a very results oriented coach with expertise and patience in creating consciousness and developing healthy practices. I am direct and clear and have a bottom line and seriously fun delivery style, yet I am compassionate and gentle. I possess a huge arsenal of practical tools, exercises, homework assignments, and resources and am very skilled at thinking quickly/dancing in the moment with whatever pops up. I am very intelligent and competent, am spiritually oriented, genuine, sincere, and caring on a deep level and I don’t require you to take any tests!

With Roberta A Coker as your coach, we start with

I. Clarity, Focus, and Priorities

  • Create a clear and compelling vision
  • Be totally honest about where you are
  • Tap into your conviction

Then You Get:

II. Direction, Support, Resources, & Results!

  • Follow the others who have already achieved results
  • Get a proven step-by-step action plan
  • Monitor your progress and be held accountable

So You Can Have: 

III. Continued Revelation, Integration, and Sustainability

  • Constantly employing curiosity, you automatically ask yourself what beliefs, goals or values may be in conflict in any given situation
  • Experience unconscious competence — overcoming your obstacles becomes second nature because you automatically take action and go in the direction you want most
  • Celebrate your achievements, pay it forward/give back to your community, become a philanthropist?

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