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Sessions are available in-person or over the phone and all are digitally audio recorded for your convenient and continuing review. Through Paypal you may use your Paypal account or any of the following Charge Cards.


Hand and Fingerprint Analysis is the main assessment tool
I use and I have almost 20 years of experience with
approximately 10,000 clients administered to.

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 Initial Life Purpose Discovery Session    arrow

Embark on the path to powerful personal change! Discover your unique Life Purpose and Life Lesson as written in your distinctive fingerprints. This is your individual formula for personal and professional success and fulfillment. By using this original imprint, Your Life Purpose Map, you better understand your own role in the unfolding of your life’s journey. There is nothing as powerful as knowing your mission in life and being willing to live it. Consciously make your Life Purpose the guiding principle behind creating the life you most want to live. This Initial Session focuses you on understanding your life from a Life Purpose perspective: What is your life all about? What have you come to do in this lifetime? Who have you come here to be? Where are you now and why? What is your next step? This session deciphers for you the vital information you need to access a life of ever greater satisfaction.


 Your Life Purpose Jumpstart Package

Three Sessions for the Price of Two! My most popular offering arrow

This specially priced package of three sessions is for those who want to know “the whole story” of themselves and wish to have the most complete and powerful understanding of their individual life path. What a rich treasure trove of information awaits you here! This package includes the Initial Life Purpose Discovery Session plus two follow-up sessions that delve deeper into the rest of your hands, beyond your fingerprints. We compare and contrast the dynamic map of your Personality and Character as well as present Gifts and Challenges with that of Your Life Purpose Map identified in the Initial Session. A must for those that wish to experience a greater sense of integrated wholeness, personal vitality, and fulfillment in every area of life.


 Tune-ups and Transformation Packages:


Single Session Follow-up   arrow

  Hit a bump? Experiencing a snag? Feel like you might need a little updating? Check back in to make sure you’re staying on task. Get a refresher to make sure things continue to run as smoothly as possible. Dig a little deeper into what makes you tick and how to keep yourself as happy as you want to be…. One hour back in the World of Your Hands can make a huge difference in your present life experience!


Three-pack of Follow-up Sessions    arrow

Want a little sustained guidance? Have a result you’d like to achieve in a short period of time? Need a little support to complete a specific project? A specially priced package of three follow-up sessions to be completed within 90 days will open you up to what you need to see and do, keep you on track, and offer individualized assistance.


Five Session Follow-up Package     arrow

Ready to commit to really make a change? Customized flexible short term guidance/coaching package to be completed within a six month time frame. Session spacing ranges from every other week to once every six weeks depending on your needs.


Life Purpose Coaching Packages:

 Fulfillment Coaching

$450/month or save 10% by paying for entire package up front            arrow

Ready to commit to really make a change? Customized flexible short term guidance/coaching package to be completed within a six month time frame. Session spacing ranges from every other week to once every six weeks depending on your needs.


  Full payment: $1,215.00

3 months at $450.00 ea.

The LifePrints Life Purpose Coaching Package

The newest and most life-changing package that I offer, arrow a specially priced 15 session package. $165/month or save 10% by paying for entire package up front


$450/month or save 10% by paying for entire package up front            

Immerse yourself in a journey that will change your life! Develop the skills you need to bring your Life Purpose into the center of everything you do. The real power of your Life Purpose is activated by learning to identify your Soul Psychology Triad in its ever-changing daily manifestations. This requires three skill sets best practiced with the help and support of an experienced guide:

  • Tracking these three complex interrelated systems over time
  • Identifying your other gifts and talents and learning to express them in appropriate measure
  • Setting up and using suitable counter strategies for each of your life-scale obstacles

With this package you get a personal LifePrints Life Purpose Display Map as well as a customized 11″ X 17″ twenty page workbook that we will fill out together over the course of 15 months, propelling you and your Life Purpose out into the world on an everyday basis. Included in the cost of this package is a monthly one hour session plus unlimited e-mail questions and answers about your hands, your life, homework assignments, and exercises each month. This package helps to keep the necessary principles alive while offering you support, expansion, and greater understanding of your Life Lesson and Life Purpose in your everyday existence. Realize the true power of your Life Purpose by converting Your Life Purpose Map into a fits-into-my-life-today format, over the course of 15 specially priced personal Life Purpose Coaching Sessions. Learn to use your Life Purpose as a daily compass for deeper life meaning and soul satisfaction.

We will review your current life circumstances in depth and connect them to your Life Purpose Map. You will create a Personal Success Formula that operates as your guiding principle in all aspects of your life. You will then practice using this formula in all areas of your life, until your life starts to look like your Right Life delineated by your fingerprints.

 Full payment: $2227.50

15    months   at $165.00 ea.

Not Ready to Commit to a Full Session? arrow Get your personal LifePrints Report instead!

A 15-20 page computer generated written report that details your Life Purpose and Life Lessons

LifePrint Report $49.95