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“Thanks for all your help and support. I really appreciate your thoughtful and calm, yet challenging guidance. I look forward to the next leg of our journey.”

—Brighid O’Shaughnessy, Founder & Artistic Director, Erasing the Distance

My clients continuously share with me that they would not be experiencing the great things that they are in their lives if they did not get the information from their hands and done the work that they have with me. Having my hands analyzed (back in 1996) changed my life dramatically. And knowing what I know now about myself from my hands continues to allow me to acknowledge, recognize, and understand where I need to and how to create the shifts I want in my life. If you are serious about wanting change in your life, this help and information is a necessary and invaluable piece in making it happen. Technically, for the most part, an Initial Life Purpose Discovery Session gives you enough information to be able to change your life as you need to for the rest of your life. Most people, however, find it more beneficial to experience at least three sessions in order to truly grasp and get a handle on exactly how this all works in their unique life. And many people want more sessions to take advantage of the results that more concentrated effort, personal attention, and support can achieve. How long you work with me depends on what your circumstances are and what level of change you are seeking. It also depends on how much effort you are willing to put in and what level of commitment to and investment in yourself you are willing to make. Most clients find that the shifts they experience are very profound even when the changes they make seem subtle, do not take a long time, and/or the investment is fairly minimal. If you are looking to completely change your life, it may take a little longer and/or cost a little more, but believe me, you will not be sorry you took that time, made that commitment, or spent that money! What is an investment in your life and happiness worth? What is it worth to know and be positively assisted in pursuing and achieving your true Life Purpose? What are you worth? It doesn’t have to and this work can completely turn your world around. It’s up to you…where do you want to go?

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