Roberta A. Coker’s Hand Dynamics Integrative Hand and Fingerprint Analysis and Coaching is advantageously applied to individuals, couples, parent/child, partnerships, families, and groups. By examining the fingerprints of each member of a group, collective dynamics are identified that include the shared purpose and specific challenges inherent to that family, business, or other group endeavor.

“Roberta has been a vital element in the success of my business. After my successful personal encounters with her work, I had her facilitate a staff retreat for our studio. Her work has been invaluable and essential for the growth we experience today.”

—Monica Anderson, Owner Tone, A Pilates Studio


  • Improve communication, efficiency, and productivity
  • Cultivate leadership, increase cooperation, decrease stress
  • Leverage your team members’ talents for individual and group success

UNLOCK YOUR GROUPS HIGHEST POTENTIAL Our unique and exciting interactive group programs focus on identifying Life Purpose and challenge factors and how these affect the individual and the team. Our team buildings promote an understanding and appreciation of self and colleagues along with clear information on how to align with the larger organization. Each participant receives a customized written report detailing their Life Purpose and personal challenges with Keys for Success to help them achieve their full potential. ABOUT HAND DYNAMICS TEAM BUILDING PROGRAMS All of our programs for businesses, organizations, and conferences utilize information from the participants’ hands for greater self-understanding and career development which creates personal and organizational success. Our programs can be tailored to the needs of leaders or team members as well as to the theme of a larger conference or convention. PROGRAMS #1 Pinpointing Personal Potential and Interpersonal Dynamics #2 Highlighting Group Purpose and Challenges #3 Aligning the individual with the Organizational Mission

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