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Host or Attend a Half-day Life Purpose Workshop

(Click for sample flyer) This 4-5 hour workshop for 7-21 people that can be put on in a private home, a yoga studio, a play space, a church, a hotel conference room, a theater or some other suitable facility. If you would like to host one of my half-day workshops, you receive:

  • Complimentary attendance at the workshop
  • A private session with me, free of charge, to use for yourself or to give as a gift to someone special
  • Up to $20 per person that actually attends the workshop (i.e. if 20 people attend, it could be up to $400 in your pocket plus the complimentary attendance and private session)

The workshop consists of 7 basic stages:

  • Personal journaling
  • Hand printing and fingerprint identification
  • Mini sessions of Hand Analysis for each participant
  • A very powerful small group somatic exercise based on each individual’s hand analysis
  • Identification of each participant’s very next actionable step – to take place within the next 3-6 days
  • Personal declarations
  • Follow-up and accountability

“Roberta is a great teacher with a clear and warm delivery style. Her concise explanations, generous personal attention, and ability to keep the group on target inspired me to want to know more!”

— Sandra Schafer, NLP Practitioner, Master Rapid Eye Therapist

Learn to Analyze Hands and Fingerprints (click here for current training opportunities) Be trained to decipher the code that unlocks the hidden inner universe of the human psyche Greatly accelerate your own personal growth and gain profound insights into other people. Providing clarity into the hidden mechanics of both Soul and Personality Psychologies, Hand and Fingerprint Analysis is a powerful tool for healing practitioners of all types as well as their clients. Attend a Life Purpose Weekend Retreat Immerse yourself in a journey that will change your life! Develop the skills you need to bring your Life Purpose into the center of everything you do. Find deeper life meaning and greater life satisfaction. Spend three eye-opening and life-altering days at a beautiful facility overlooking the Pacific Ocean:

  • Actualize your most powerful life path
  • Bring significant perspective to past events and current circumstances
  • Explore yourself in an intimate, safe, and supportive environment

Learn to truly reflect your soul’s calling by resetting your internal compass through participation in individual and small group exercises and activities. Join this comfortable group of like-minded seekers to find and live your Life Purpose, the single most important thing you can ever do!

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