In 1900, after devoting 60 years of his life to hand research (mostly through Scotland Yard), a scientist named Dr. William Benham published his tome, The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading: A Practical Treatise on the Art Commonly Called Palmistry. In 1984, after studying tens of thousands of pairs of hands and spending countless hours in medical libraries doing research on hands and fingerprints, Richard Unger added his research to that of Benham’s, founded the International Institute of Hand Analysis and thereby introduced Modern Hand and Fingerprint Analysis to the world. This practice known as the LifePrints System is outlined in detail in Mr. Unger’s book LifePrints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints. Richard Unger has been working with people through their hands since the early 1970’s. The LifePrints System of modern Hand and Fingerprint Analysis has “officially” been in existence since 1984. It is a scientific practice that has been on the fringe and is finally coming into the fore, advancing like chiropractic and massage therapies did before they were generally accepted by the majority of society.

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Richard Unger

Richard Unger