For immediate release:   According to C. Norman Shealy, MD, “The most important question that people have asked throughout history has been, ‘What is my Life Purpose?’” Roberta Coker’s Hand Dynamics Hand & Fingerprint Analysis answers this question for us, along with our Life Lesson, which is where we need to go in order to get to our Life Purpose! Imagine a community where everyone was leading a fulfilling life! That is the result that occurs when we live our Life Purpose through working our Life Lesson. Hand Dynamics Hand Analysis offers concrete information on how we, as individuals, can transform our own life into the birthright of fulfillment that we came here to experience. The information comes from our fingerprints which are permanently formed five months before our birth. They tell us who we came here to be, what we came here to do, the work we came here to get done, and the challenges that we came here to face. In other words, they identify for us where our greatest fulfillment lies and the core issues or foundational fears that challenge us in attaining that fulfillment. Knowing these monumental life puzzle pieces, takes the basic guesswork out of attaining satisfaction in our life. In an Initial Life Purpose Discovery Session of Roberta A Coker’s Hand Dynamics Hand & Fingerprint Analysis, the hands are printed, black ink on white paper and Life Purpose plus Life Lesson along with a great deal of additional personal information is digitally audio recorded for future review. To obtain an appointment or for more information about Hand Dynamics Integrative Hand Analysis, contact Roberta Coker @ (707)478-9144 or call toll free (877)424-HAND. High resolution photo of Roberta A. Coker for press release Hear an interview with Roberta A. Coker with host Mildred Lynn McDonald Interview with Roberta A Coker

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