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“I found Roberta’s Hand Analysis to be an insightful, enlightening experience. She is both professional and spiritual, a great combination that makes her sessions very powerful. I was so impressed I brought Roberta to Scottsdale for a week to do sessions with my management team. I recommend Roberta’s Hand Analysis to anyone.”

—Janis Milham, General Manager, Marriott Hotels, Scottsdale, AZ

My Hand Dynamics Integrative Hand and Fingerprint Analysis and Coaching draws on ancient knowledge, contemporary fingerprint research and the study of more than 150,000 people over the last 37 years. It won’t tell your fortune or predict your future; it addresses what is known as your “Soul Psychology”. The system is based on empirical data amassed through the same channels and techniques used to create modern day Psychology — research, observation, trial and error, accuracy and resonance. The indelible map of your fingerprints reveals your core sensitivities and provides significant insights into your personality patterns that may challenge as well as advance you. The information revealed by the rest of your hand supports and expands on the theme identified by your distinctive fingerprints. Modern Hand and Fingerprint Analysis has its roots in ancient palmistry, but there are two major differences between this system and what is commonly known as “Palm Reading”: 1) This is not a predictive practice; it does not tell the future or your fortune. And 2) The focus of this system is your fingerprints. Traditional palmistry does not even take the fingerprints into account. Your fingerprints were permanently and unalterably formed on your fingertips five full months before you were born — they never change. With a trained eye, the examination of each individual fingerprint reveals your psychological patterns, habits, and tendencies. In knowing those, you are given permission to be who you know somewhere deep down inside that you are and understand exactly why you don’t allow yourself to go there. There are four basic types of fingerprints. Which of the four types you have, how many of each type, and on what fingers they are placed, determine what we call your “Life Purpose” (area of greatest fulfillment, most powerful life path) and “Life Lesson”(core issues, foundational fears that can hold you back). The fingerprints provide a base line; the characteristics of the rest of the hand provide us with a bird’s eye view of where you are now on your path. The mission of Roberta A. Coker’s Hand Dynamics Integrative Hand and Fingerprint Analysis and Coaching is to help people recognize and understand their unique and passionate Life Purpose and to give them tangible tools with which to pursue and achieve it. To help my clients realize their full potential in life, I continue to explore and integrate other self-actualizing modalities into my work. I am passionate about helping my clients to be all they can. My introduction to Hand Analysis was a pivotal point in my life and I do all I can to cause the same pivotal effect in the lives of my clients.


“Working with Roberta has opened my heart and soul to moving forward in life. And if I feel I am losing touch with what I’ve learned, listening again to the recordings of our sessions brings it all back.”

—Tina de Meeus, CPCC Starfish Coaching

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