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“Cliff and I are committed to our personal development and passionate about our personal growth. Having experienced quite a few personal development programs over the last 5 years, our experiences with you are by far at the top of our list. The insight you have provided for us has been priceless. Our favorite motivational tapes are those that we have from our sessions with you! They are truly enlightening, and empowering. Thank you so much!”

—Lisa and Cliff Wise Home Based Business Consultants


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I. By identifying and understanding what true happiness is for you and recognizing what specific and unique-to-you obstacles get in your way to achieving it, as well as how to move through those obstacles step-by-step, you will experience satisfaction on a level you may never have even dreamed possible! II. Sometimes the work is fun and easy (we just think it’s going to be hard) and sometimes it’s really scary to confront “the demons” we’ve been enabling to sabotage our life and run away with our fulfillment (consciously or unconsciously). III. Honest communication and trusting in the process are the most important pieces in doing this kind of work. IV. I will give you homework assignments that will take you a step at a time toward the changes you’d like to achieve. V. It’s the cosmic joke that in order to experience your greatest fulfillment you have to be willing to face your biggest fear. VI. What I do is take a look at your hands and fingerprints and talk to you about who you came here to be, what you came here to do, the work you came here to get done, and the challenges that you came here to face. VII. Working together with the information that your hands give us about you, I guarantee we can achieve the goals and create the life that you want for yourself. VIII. I am an extremely competent personal life coach, workshop leader and retreat facilitator, as well as a popular international public presenter and motivational speaker. IX. Hand and Fingerprint Analysis allows access to information on such a profound level that this work often times takes less than half the time other systems take and we achieve even greater results! X. Your fingerprints are formed five months before you are born, so they give us an overview of your life. XI. My Hand Dynamics Integrative Hand and Fingerprint Analysis and Coaching take your life to the next level! XII. There are other coaches out there that charge more $, but that doesn’t mean that they are more experienced, care as much, are as detailed and accurate or are better coaches.

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