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“You are such a blessing for me and all others you touch!”

— Janice Noga, Professional Singer and Stage Actress

You know, Nature is amazing! It has created unique and diverse eco-systems, all over the planet, that contain everything the inhabitants need to survive. The human hand is the same. It contains all of the answers to our most intimate questions carved right there into our own skin. Hand and Fingerprint Analysis is the psychological interpretation of your individual “skin carvings” — the markings, prints, and lines borne by the skin on your hands and fingers. It tells you who you came here to be, what you came here to do, the work you came here to get done, and the challenges that you came here to face. This is a non-predictive scientific and spiritual practice that provides dynamic personal insights and tools that are used to promote powerful personal growth. You get usable, personally tailored and specific instruction on how to lead a more successful and fulfilling life. Working with Roberta A. Coker clearly outlines your most powerful life path and soundly identifies your unique opportunities for growth. You are given to know your distinctive and specific:


  • Life Purpose — your aptitudes, where you find your greatest fulfillment, your most powerful life path
  • Life Lesson — your innate challenges, specific fears that can hold you back, your unique opportunities for growth
  • Umbrella of Consciousness — your overarching perspective, the lens through which you view the world that effects every thought you have, word you say, decision you make, and action you take

My Hand Dynamics Integrative Hand and Fingerprint Analysis and Coaching distill the Universal language of the hands into a relevant modern day system and powerful tool for self-discovery. You may actually know what your Life Purpose is or not, but the real question is, do you know what your Life Lesson is? In order to truly realize your Life Purpose, you must be able to navigate through your Life Lesson. Roberta A. Coker’s Hand Dynamics Integrative Hand and Fingerprint Analysis and Coaching reveals these two monumental life puzzle pieces to you (among others) and takes the guesswork out of attaining true satisfaction in your life.

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